2024 APO New England Classic Meet Results

2024 APO New England Classic Meet Results

The 2nd Annual New England Classic, an APO sanctioned event, was held on May 4th at Anchor Athletics and Strength in Concord, New Hampshire. Lifters from all across New England, plus a few farther away, gathered to battle it out for prize packages from the event sponsors. Each meet, Anchor chooses a charity to donate to, and for this meet they held a toy drive for Mighty Max’s Mega Toy Drive, an organization providing toys for local children undergoing cancer treatment.

Highlights of the meet include Seta Sevulyan squatting 529 lbs at 148 lbs (over 3.5x bodyweight), Mike Behrle squatting his first 1,003lb squat – finally breaching this barrier after nearly two decades of competing, and Nick Testa’s performance.

During squats, Nick attempted a 1,003lb squat. He unfortunately ruptured his ACL, but stayed to see what he could do to finish out the day. Nick took a token bench, and then went 3/3 after throwing on his shirt, benching a mere 30 lbs less than his personal best. Going into deadlifts, Nick knew he would have to pull 666 lbs to win the meet. Unsure of whether his knee would be stable enough to complete a heavy pull, he went for it anyway. He ended up winning Best Lifter AND PRed his total by 34lbs despite his injury. Mike Behrle’s squat also marked the first 1,000lb squat accomplished at any meet held at Anchor.

Finally, in a heartwarming display of resilience and determination, a father son duo competed together for the first time. Jeff and Landon McDowell overcame many challenges to make it to the platform, the main one being the fact that Jeff has been undergoing cancer treatments for the past several months. The two put on a truly inspiring display of physical and mental fortitude.

Shoutout to Josh Staples with Full Power Photography for the amazing meet day pictures for our lifters!

Second Annual New England Classic APO Meet Results