2024 APO Iron Helix Classic Meet Results

2024 APO Iron Helix Classic Meet Results

The American Powerlifting Organization had a strong start in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, May 11 at the newly-founded gym, DNA Strength. While there were only 14 total athletes, the atmosphere was electric, supportive, and loud from squats to deadlifts. With zero misloads, zero dropped barbells/incidents, and sound calls throughout, the Iron Helix Classic was both a crowd and athlete-favorite.

The APO staff members received a multitude of compliments from both competitors and their fans, with the athletes especially noting strong judging. The online call-outs mirror the same as the in-person discussions: the meet was smooth, upbeat, and a big success. The meet was concise and concluded at 1p, with awards wrapping up by 1:30p. The APO looks forward to continued success in Georgia with another meet already in the planning stage.

Iron Helix Classic Meet Results