The following items are required and must be completed prior to APO National Referee status being granted.

  • APO Referee Application
  • APO Referee Written Test with a minimum score of 90%, unless grandfathered, APO board will contact you about this possibility
  • APO Practical Exam Completed with WPO International Referee
  • Background Check Completed and submitted to APO
  • Executive Committee for review
  • APO Membership Dues paid $50
  • APO Referee fee paid $45


As an APO National Referee you will be a representative of the federation. As such the APO expects all judges to align their conduct with the core values of the APO.

These values are:

  • Integrity: Doing the right thing above personal gain. Demonstrating commitment, congruence, consistency and
    coherence with all actions, words, and decisions in alignment with the values of the APO.
  • Transparency: Having clear and open communication in all matters concerning the APO, from the Executive Committee, to
    meet directors, referees and athletes.
  • Professionalism: Using the highest levels of courtesy and respect in actions, attitudes and in all communication. Demonstrating engagement, skill, and continuous improvement.
  • Communication: Effective, courteous, and timely transferring of accurate and complete information is vital in all aspects of the APO.
  • Excellence. Above all, we strive for excellence. The APO is a league above the rest, because we hold all those within the federation to these standards of excellence. We bring our passion for the sport of powerlifting with a moral and ethical
    responsibility to those we serve and the federation we represent.


As an APO National Referee your responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Engage with lifters, handlers, coaches, meet directors, and spectators to represent the standard of Excellence of the APO Weigh ins are performed safely and accurately
    Scales are calibrated
    Minors are weighed in with the accompaniment of either a guardian, coach, or other designated adult
  • Equipment on the platform is safe and meets the standards of the APO
    Ensuring bar and collar weights are accurately accounted for in meet computer software
  • Ensure the Lifters’ Meeting is thorough and accurate. Assist in answering any questions Maintain control of the platform and the flow of competition
  • Make accurate and consistent decisions on lifts performed during the competition Provide quick feedback to lifters when a “no lift” decision has been given, that is based on the APO rulebook
  • Perform equipment checks on individuals setting or breaking National Records
  • Verify and sign all National Record applications
  • Ensure drug tests are administered safely and accurately


The application is vital part of the process to become an APO National Judge. Please complete the following application with as much detail and accuracy as possible.

APO Referee Application

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Must be a State/Regional Chair, APO Executive Committee Member or APO Meet Director: