2024 APO West Coast Wreckage Meet Results

2024 APO West Coast Wreckage Meet Results

West Coast Wreckage: A Historic Day for Powerlifting in California

The 2024 APO West Coast Wreckage, held on May 26th at Grinder Gym in San Diego, marked a significant milestone as the first APO meet in California. This event saw all participants setting new state records, showcasing their incredible strength and dedication.

Highlights of the meet included outstanding performances that resulted in national records being set. Jeri Dines-Cook achieved a remarkable 120kg bench press in the Women’s Classic Raw Open Bench Only 140kg weight class. In the Men’s Single Ply Sub-Master (35-39) Bench Only 125kg weight class, Alex Rochon made waves with an impressive 208kg bench press.

In addition to these national records, the meet featured several other notable performances:

  • Sarah Staples competed in multiple categories and weight classes, including the Women’s Classic Raw Open 60kg weight class, Women’s Classic Raw Open Bench Only 60kg weight class, and Women’s Classic Raw Open Deadlift Only 60kg weight class, setting records in each.
  • Jaymel Farol excelled in the Men’s Classic Raw Open 90kg weight class, showcasing his strength and determination.

One of the most memorable moments of the meet was when Joel Anderson attempted an all-time world record in his weight class on his second deadlift. Despite successfully lifting the weight, he unfortunately fell backwards after receiving the down command. There is no doubt that this record will be his very soon.
The West Coast Wreckage not only set the bar high for future meets but also demonstrated the exceptional talent and spirit within the powerlifting community. Congratulations to all the lifters for their record-breaking achievements!