2025 APO Winter Classic Expo

The return of Dakota Barbell to the powerlifting world! The Winter Classic Expo Powerlifting Meet will be on February 1st, 2025! This meet is part of an expo featuring a strongman competition and a judo-jujitsu tournament. This meet is capped at 45 lifters total so don’t delay signing up! The Winter Classic Expo is sanctioned by the American Powerlifting Organization (APO).

All athletes are required to have a valid APO registration card to compete and must show it at weigh-in to compete. APO Membership Cards can be obtained here, https://apopowerlifting.com/join/. APO Federation Rules can be accessed on the INFORMATION Page.  https://apopowerlifting.com/information/ Athletes make sure to familiarize yourself with these rules. APO Records can be accessed at https://apopowerlifting.com/records/.

Meet Director:
Jason Ehlert
ND State Chairman-American Powerlifting Organization
Phone: 701.200.9208
Email: dakotabarbell@yahoo.com
Dakota Barbell can be found on Facebook and Instagram by searching “dakotabarbell”.

Event Location:
Red River Valley Fairgrounds-Butler Arena
1805 Main Ave W
West Fargo, ND 58078

Weigh-In Information:

Location-Red River Valley Fairgrounds-Butler Arena (same as event location)
Day-Friday, January 31st, 2024
Times-10:00am – 11:00am or 4:00pm-6:00pm
**There will be no day-of-meet weigh-ins**

Lifting Schedule:
Rules meeting at 9am
Presentation of the Colors and National Anthem at 10am
Competition starts afterwards

American Powerlifting Organization
Standard Membership-$50
Teenager/Special Olympics Membership-$30

Multi-Ply (Full Power, Single Lift Deadlift, Single Lift Bench Press)
Single Ply (Full Power, Single Lift Deadlift, Single Lift Bench Press)
Classic Raw (Full Power, Single Lift Deadlift, Single Lift Bench Press)
Raw (Full Power, Single Lift Deadlift, Single Lift Bench Press)
Special Olympics (Full Power, Single Lift Deadlift, Single Lift Bench Press). Those competing in the Special Olympics may choose to lift Multiply, Single Ply, Classic Raw, or Raw.
There will be both tested and non-tested divisions. Refer to the APO Federation rulebook for specifications of personal equipment. Violation of those rules will result in disqualification of the lift and may disqualify the athlete from the meet.

Weight Classes: (Same for Men and Women)
44.0kg Class up to 44.0kg
48.0kg Class from 44.01 to 48.0kg
52.0kg Class from48.01 to 52.0kg
56.0kg Class from 52.01 to 56.0kg
60.0kg Class from 56.01 to 60.0kg
67.5kg Class from 60.01 to 67.5kg
75.0kg Class from 67.51 to 75.0kg
82.5kg Class from 75.01 to 82.5kg
90.0kg Class from 82.51 to 90.0kg
100.0kg Class from 90.01 to 100.0kg
110.0kg Class from 100.01 to 110.0kg
125.0kg Class from 110.01 to 125.0kg
140.0kg Class from 125.01 to 140.0kg.
140.0+kg Class from 140.01 to unlimited

Age Categories: (Same for Men and Women)
Open-from 13 years upward

T1-13 years to and including 15 years of age
T2-16 years to and including 17 years of age
T3-18 years to and including 19 years of age

Junior-from 20 years to and including 23 years of age

Sub Master-from 33 years to and including 39 years of age

M1-40 years to and including 44 years of age
M2-45 years to and including 49 years of age
M3-50 years to and including 54 years of age
M4-55 years to and including 59 years of age
M5-60 years to and including 64 years of age
M6-65 years to and including 69 years of age
M7-70 years to and including 74 years of age
M8-75 years to and including 79 years of age
M9-80 years upward

The lifter must have reached the minimum age on the day of the competition. A lifter must lift in the open division or in the age group in which he or she is currently in, until they reach the stated upper limit of that category.

Entry Fee:
$95 for all athletes regardless of Full Power, Single Lift Deadlift, Single Lift Bench Press. Unless entering the Special Olympics Division, every athlete must enter the Open Division. Additional divisions are $50. The meet is capped at 45 lifters total.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards in open divisions and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards for additional divisions. Best lifter in each division will be based on content of entries, placing established by the Glossbrenner Formula.

Spectator Fees:
$15, children 12 and under get in free.


Feb 01 2025


10:00 am – 6:00 pm


Red River Valley Fair Association-Butler Arena
Red River Valley Fair Association-Butler Arena
1805 Main Ave W, West Fargo, North Dakota 58078

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